Saturday, March 25, 2006

Another Day, Another Sale

Tonight was "costume night" at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and the Official Opening Night for the public. My good friend Ron Baylor accompanied me. I wore my good ol' chaps and a leather vest (and froze on the cab ride over). Ron wore jeans, boots, and a beautiful longsleeved shirt made completely of stainless-steel chain mail. He made quite the splash, collecting compliments from staff and attendees alike. I told him he should have just stood in a corner with a price tag on the wall nearby. Ah, art. He found a nice vintage-style nude photo he just HAD to have, and I just smiled and watched him get $250 poorer. But it's a lovely piece he'll pick up on Sunday when the show ends.

And someone else will go home with another work of mine--another entry of mine sold:"Fluor Essence," a photo of Mark Bryant, my personal trainer. I'm thrilled, as this will help pay back all the money I spent framing the pieces. It also feels validating personally and artistically.

Two other framed photographs remain unsold--one in the auction (which happens Saturday night) and another hanging in the main show, which also happens to be the most expensively priced. Time will tell. But this means I also have to scramble tomorrow to get some photos framed and ready for the post-SEAF show at Art/NotTerminal gallery on April 8. I'm feeling an nice forward inertia, and I want to make the most of it.

Right now, I just need sleep...


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