Sunday, March 26, 2006

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

Saturday night offered the auction portion of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. It was my second festival, but the first time I'd ever had my work in an auction, so I had that giddy nervousness-of-the-new. Scott Aitken encouraged me to come sit and watch the auction when my piece was up, and I was hesitant at first--what if nobody bid on it, or it bid very low? But I figured what the hell, I wanted to see how it worked, so I went and watched. I didn't know until I was sitting down that when one's work came up, the auctioneer asked the person to stand up, but I compromised and raised my hand instead. Then my piece, "Have," came up, "vauled at $300. Let's start the bidding at $150...." Silence. I tensed up. Then the auctioneer asked "$125" and someone bid. I relaxed a bit. Then when she asked for $150 again, silence. Then Scott raised his hand to bid, which surprised and delighted me. (Thanks, Scott!). That got the ball rolling, and the bidding started going up, aided one other time by Scott, but ended up topping out at $200 bid by a patron other than Scott. Not bad, as two of the three other works in the show sold for $300 and $500. I was pleased that it sold above the reserve price, and that it wasn't a humilation. The glass is $200 full, which I will immediately reinvest in prints or frames or equipment.

One more day of the SEAF to go, only noon to 5pm, and one last piece remains unsold. If it doesn't sell, I'll bring it home tonight, and then include it in the post-SEAF show at Art/Not Terminal gallery on April 8th. If it sells, the money goes back into getting another print framed.

It's been a great show, successful both financially and artistically, helping to motivate me to market myself even more aggressively this year. I'm excited...


Blogger Bucephalus said...

Congratulations on such a fine showing at the festival! You've set such a good example that maybe I will have the courage to submit something next year. I just wish I had the wherewithal to purchase some of your work. I look forward to future shows and publications showcasing your immense talent.

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