Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weakend Weak End

Busy couple of days (even by Gemini standards): Did a photoshoot of a man I'd begged for nearly a decade to pose for me (photos coming soon if he signs a release). Then posed for a member of Image Collective (photos coming soon when I get permission from him). Lots of last-minute work to get four framed pieces ready for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival next weekend. (Anybody got a black turtleneck I can borrow to wear for the opening night Invitation-Only Party on Thursday? Or should I just go all out and wear the chaps?) Worked to help my good friend (and brilliant photographer/designer in his own right) Jay Gumm revise my website to showcase my photography. The Andy Establishment's previous online incarnation marketed my peculiar brand of t-shirts, but then A Certain Global Corporation didn't like my satirical take on their logo and I got a lovely little cease-and-decist letter in the post. Hmmm.

Someone once told me you aren't a success in America until you get sued. But these days we have GITMO detention camps and arrest-without-charge is the judicial du jour, so we'll pick our battles carefully here in AndyLand (a term which hopefully doesn't infringe of the copyright of a kiddie board game of a similar name) so we took the site down for much-overdo retooling to make it more about my photography.

To quote a great sage, "I meant to do that..."


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