Monday, June 19, 2006

Making Up For Lost Time

Yes, I know--I was supposed to post photos from International Mister Leatherman 2006 in Chicago for Memorial Weekend. I had hoped to post daily entries.

Unfortunately our net connection in the room was spotty at best--I spent an hour preparing a post only to have it disappear in a glitch. But frankly I felt in many ways like I wanted to be on vacation from everything. I didn't even take as many photos as I expected.

Then I came back to a shitstorm at work (a coworker quit while I was gone). Busy busy busy.

But I'll try to distill the experience down to some photos and anedotes, as promised. If hindsight is 20/20, I hope the time has given me some clarity about the vacation.

Most of the fun I had was spent hanging out with Ron Baylor, standing in the lobby of the Palmer House Hilton, where the men came and went at all times of day, often dressed to the leather-nines. Ron spotted a particularly tasty man from San Francisco, and I was lucky enough to have my camera handy....

(In all fairness, Ron was looking at his lace-up tall boots, which were thigh-high.)


Blogger Bucephalus said...

That photo is hilarious. I love the red arrow, giving Ron "Super Dick Vision"!

6:58 PM  

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