Saturday, July 08, 2006

Caveat Emptor

Finally fed up with my computerlessness, I rent a FlexCar and drive twenty-some miles to Redmond to take my old computer in to be assessed for possible repair--and to break down and buy a new computer. I go for a pretty super-duper model, customized for My Needs (Lotsa RAM, Big Hard Drive, Cool Video Card), and drive home giddy as a kid on Xmas morning.

I get home, prepare to start the install of the Windows XP OS, when.... I realize they builders neglected to install a CD or DVD-rom in the god-damned machine. As the store is closing in mere minutes, I'll have to wait until tomorrow and either rent another FlexCar ($$$) or bum a ride from a friend to get the new box back out there to finish the build.

Until then, I have a big thousand-dollar paperweight sitting in my living room for the cat to rub up against.

Enjoy, Miss Lydia.


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