Sunday, September 10, 2006

One-Out-Of-Three Weekend

I had a photoshoot scheduled for Friday night. On Thursday, I got an email saying that his job was too busy and we'd have to reschedule.

On Saturday, a guy online who had been chatting with me for a while agreed at the last minute to a quick, spontaneous one-hour photoshoot so he could have new pics for using in online profiles. The shot here is one he agreed to let me post. He liked them.

On Sunday, I had a noon shoot scheduled with a very sexy Mexican man I met at my gym and have been in contact for months now, but he failed show up or call/email to cancel. At 6pm today, I ran into him online, and he explained a family emergency had caused him to have to leave town suddenly and he apologized.

Just another weekend of shoots and misses.


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