Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Please Stand By

Do not attempt to adjust your screen. The jpg at right is what I started seeing as I was doing a headshot shoot on Monday night, shortly after removing my camera from the tripod. I had forgotten to take out the remote shutter release... and forgot to turn the damned thing off. Apparently that, along with the jostling of the camera, shorted something out. Now when I try to shoot anything, I get a totally black photo. It appears my good old Canon D-60 has given up the ghost, thanks to clumsy me.

Fortunately, my good friend Jeff is going to let me borrow his Canon 20D for a shoot on Friday. I am already shopping for a replacement camera, likely a Canon Rebel Xti due to its affordability. On the heels of replaceing my computer last month and then having to get a new keyboard, this is not the best time to be making another major purchase. But to be without a studio camera...? My mind reels.

In the meantime I still have plenty of shots from recent shoots to post here just as soon as I get signed releases. Stay tuned...


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