Wednesday, November 01, 2006

One Year Later

One day, back in 2002, my father was visiting me in Seattle. It was less than a year after my mother's death, and he was not in good shape. But he kept up a good front when we went out and about the city. I snapped this shot while we stood in a bus shelter waiting for a bus, and the metal grating from the wall made the interesting shadow pattern on him.

It's not my favorite shot of my dad (that would be the one I posted last June for Father's Day), but I still like this odd little candid snap.

My father died a year ago today, and I was overwhelmed by a surge of grief this afternoon unlike anything I've felt before. While at work this afternoon I just happened to look at the clock, and realized a year ago, at this time, he was being prounounced dead. I didn't think at forty years of age I could experience an entirely new emotional experience so vivid. Shows how naive I am.


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