Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sicken Easy or Die Hard?

Got to catch a sneak preview of the new Michael Moore documentary SICKO, a marvelous muckraking over the coals of the health care crisis in the United States. I've always been a fan of Moore, who I see as one part cinematic Sinclair Lewis/one part political P.T. Barnum. Sure, Moore's always in control of the edit and sure he often employs entertaining clips and music cues to make his point, and he stacks his films like any good propagandist (in the best sense of the word) would.

But the beauty of SICKO--and what might surprise many of his critics--is how direct and human this film is. Moore puts only one really big stunt in the film, toward the end, one most have already heard about, but nevertheless the stunt itself makes a very interesting point, and the result is still illuminating and ultimately very moving.

I recommend everyone go and see SICKO next weekend, since opening weekend box office is what Hollywood pays attention to, and the film is up against--the new Die Hard movie. Oh the irony.


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