Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photo Opportunity

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite friends/models/bloggers Bucephalus met me for drinks at The Cuff, wearing his newly purchased shirt that I had designed. I wore a shirt of my own design as well. While there, Buce had someone snap a photo of us together so he could post it on his blog and see what the reaction might be to the "Negative" shirt.

It was an interesting experiment, with a variety of responses, ranging from confusion ("blood type?" "London underground?") to repulsion ("Sorry to be a boor, but as a poz guy, I find it extremely. offensive.").

My thanks again to Bucephalus for 1) supporting my work (and buying a shirt), 2) putting my design out there, and 3) challenging his own blog fans for a spirited conversation, which is precisely what I'd like the design to provoke.

(For more views of this expressive man, scroll down or click here.)Add Image


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