Saturday, March 18, 2006

Initiation is like Initiative, or Rock/Paper/Scissors/Flatscreen

And so begins my contribution to the blogosphere, after years of reading the works of friends and enemies alike. About time I upload or shut-up.

I'm excited as well as wary, realizing that in the rush to Make Everything Digital, the culture continues the abandonment of media more permanent and concrete (stone and paper) for the ethereal, intangible strings of electrons and magnetic fields, giddy for the bells and whistles (and viruses and privacy issues) of cyberspace. Maybe that's part of the allure--the ghosts in our machines--as much as the excitment of knowing one can poke buttons and in seconds people see and read it all over the globe.

It's the opposite of Las Vegas, isn't it? What one puts there, gets out there.

I also realize that I already spend an inordinate amount of my own time in front of a computer. I work as a product manager at an internet-based company, nine hours a day, most of it at a keyboard. I come home and usually spend the rest of my evening chatting with friends around Seattle, the country, the world, while working on my photography and design projects. If I could compute while sleeping, I'd probably do that as well.

So it only makes sense I dive into the pool. Where's my waterwings?....


Blogger Robert Patrick said...

Welcome to the web-waves, End Rue Called Well. Though it would indeed take only positively- and negatively-charged asteroids swishing past us to cause a global spark that would erase all our electronic echoes, still I'm glad, since you won't commit to paper or stone, that you have at least at last cast your wit out ohe web where www's fight against W.

8:39 PM  
Blogger Robert Patrick said...

The last clauses of that first message should have read, "that you have at least at last cast your wit out ON THE web where www's fight against W."
Sorry to mar the first comment on your blog with arthritic typos.

8:42 PM  
Blogger Bucephalus said...

A great beginning! I look forward to your wise and witty words and images!

1:25 AM  

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