Sunday, April 09, 2006

First Night, Last Night

With my good friends Mack (left) and Anil (right), I attended the gala opening night for the Post-SEAF show at Art/Not Terminal Gallery. The space is incredible--great light, large without feeling empty, with a nice "industrial" feel with the exposes pipe an unpainted cement walls. Got me seriously thinking about renting the place for my own show, as it only costs around $300 for an entire month. Hmm...

Last night's event was well attended, and I ran into several people who had helped organize SEAF this year. They were very complimentary of my work, and I thanked them once again for all their hard work on the show. Another attendee was a totally-nude man in body paint and... well let's just say he was very excited to be there. I'll post a shot of him once I get it polished.


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