Friday, May 26, 2006

I Wonder as I Wander

We did not tumble from the sky. The flight was actually quite smooth, and I spent the the rest of the day walking around "Boys Town" but Spencer Tracy was nowhere to be found. Then I got together with my good friend Ron Baylor of fame, and we did dinner. I had a sinful piece of chocolate cake as an early birthday slice. Then we hung out in the Palmer House lobby, surveying the attendees of IML, playin the "Awwwl Me/Awwwl You" game--where we point out each other's "type" and explain why. We chatted up some fun people, including a clatch of some very handsome men, whom I of course gave photo cards to, and their lovely ladyfriend named "Feather" whom I'd love to shoot. Then I left Ron at the hotel (I check in Friday) and took the L train back up to BoysTown where I slept well on my friend Michael's couch.

I snapped shots throughout the day but have yet to set things up so I can upload. Photos coming soon.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Deus Ex Machina

I always get the jitters before a trip, especially when it involves flying. Sure, there's giddy anticipation of a vacation, but my brain also buzzes as it calculates all the what-ifs, wonders who'd get my cat, my photos, my furniture, should I fall from the sky. I used to designate a friend as a "sanitizer," with a key to my place and tasked with cleansing it of any images, tapes, DVDs, magazines, apparel or other... appliances... that might horrify my God-fearing Christian parents. I was joking with just such a friend the other day, and he mentioned now that my parents are gone, he need not be assigned said responsibility. We both giggled, darkly.

I used to love flying, even in small Cesna planes my father took the family out in for Sunday excursions when I was a very small child. But when my mother's cancer turned very bad in the year 2000, and I suffered through two VERY bumpy flights in a row, I was shaken with a personal reminder of mortality and mortified by the concept of modern aviation. The idea of these heavy, huge metal machines being able to lift themselves from the ground--and stay aloft--suddenly seemed like some strange mythology. I taught myself a few techniques for dealing with turbulence--forced leg tremors to counteract the sensation, creative visualization (we're all on a Great Big Bus on a bumpy road!)--and slowly soothed myself back into now being able to fly relatively anxiety-free.

But that still seems like some strange technological-based denial. We are all so fragile.

I do, of course, look forward to exploring Chicago again, and shoot as many pictures as possible. On my first trip in 2003, I shot nearly 900 images in four days. This trip my buddy Kevin, who grew up in Chicago, promised to give me a "photographer's tour" of the town. So, as they used to say, stay tuned.

On Thursday morning I rise into the air from Seattle/Tacoma International Airport.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Past and Future

A shot of Lee, a fine and generous model I photographed last January, and whom I hope to photograph while in Chicago next weekend for the International Mister Leatherman event.

Friday, May 19, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things

I love my little Coolpix PS2, my walkin' around candid camera. It lets me catch all those "damn I wished I had my camera" moments I used to miss.

I also love my friends; I have a solid core of some very good ones. They each helped me in their own way deal with the past few years of loss and depression, and I am very thankful.

I love doing brunch with my good friends, Jimmy (left) and Anil, who always laugh at my horrible puns and scattered Gemini stream-of-consciousness observations on life. Last weekend we had a fine time at Charlie's on Broadway. I forget what I said to cause this particular outburst, but I'm glad I had the camera turned on.

Anil also does the weekly broadcast Reel Friends with Anil & Andy every Monday. This weekend he's dragging us to The Da Vinci Code so we can stay current with the new releases and studio tentpole blockbusters. My posting of this photograph is my revenge. Ok, Anil, we're even.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

One from Below

The model for this photo shall remain anonymous, but people who know me can probably guess.

Monday, May 15, 2006

One from the Heart

Another shot of Robert Patrick speaking about his years at the Caffe Cino.


Another photo of David from our studio shoot this weekend.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


This weekend I had the privilege of working with David from West Hollywood, who was visiting Seattle for ten days for his job. He had never posed nude in a studio, but quickly relaxed and gave me some excellent images. His huge sweet heart complimented his lovely body quite nicely, and I deeply enjoyed the collaboration. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Mother's Day

In 2001, when my mother was in her last hospital stay before going home to die of cancer, my sister Gwen would come in every day and do her make-up, no matter what. When I visited Lewiston to see her, I took this photo.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Behold, His Mighty Hands

Robert Patrick, the smartest man I know, gave a wonderful presentation on April 22 about his years at the Caffe Cino, and his history as one of the Founding Fathers of Gay Theater. I flew to NYC that weekend just to see his talk, and I wasn't disappointed. He colorfully narrated a list of "all the bad thing that happened" to him (as he had previously sent a video tape of a talk about "all the good things" from those days) for a series at the La Mama Theater ETC's "Coffehouse Chronicles" series. Part oral history, part confession, part remembrance, it was dazzling evening of personal theater.

Getting "Reel"

Tonight, my good friend Anil and I premiered our new radio show, Reel Friends With Anil and Andy on A free-form discussion about television, movies, and all sorts of media, with an emphasis of a queer perspective, the show will be every Monday nite at 8pm Pacific time. Our first show had its bumps--Anil and I were both nervous--but we got through it fine and had a great time. We discussed the recent release Kinky Boots, and Anil talked about Bollywood. I am looking forward to the future shows, as judging from our past conversations over coffee after going to the movies, it's always lively and fun. Tune in live on Monday nights (requires a subscription) or catch the free streaming audio later in the week.