Friday, May 19, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things

I love my little Coolpix PS2, my walkin' around candid camera. It lets me catch all those "damn I wished I had my camera" moments I used to miss.

I also love my friends; I have a solid core of some very good ones. They each helped me in their own way deal with the past few years of loss and depression, and I am very thankful.

I love doing brunch with my good friends, Jimmy (left) and Anil, who always laugh at my horrible puns and scattered Gemini stream-of-consciousness observations on life. Last weekend we had a fine time at Charlie's on Broadway. I forget what I said to cause this particular outburst, but I'm glad I had the camera turned on.

Anil also does the weekly broadcast Reel Friends with Anil & Andy every Monday. This weekend he's dragging us to The Da Vinci Code so we can stay current with the new releases and studio tentpole blockbusters. My posting of this photograph is my revenge. Ok, Anil, we're even.


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