Friday, May 26, 2006

I Wonder as I Wander

We did not tumble from the sky. The flight was actually quite smooth, and I spent the the rest of the day walking around "Boys Town" but Spencer Tracy was nowhere to be found. Then I got together with my good friend Ron Baylor of fame, and we did dinner. I had a sinful piece of chocolate cake as an early birthday slice. Then we hung out in the Palmer House lobby, surveying the attendees of IML, playin the "Awwwl Me/Awwwl You" game--where we point out each other's "type" and explain why. We chatted up some fun people, including a clatch of some very handsome men, whom I of course gave photo cards to, and their lovely ladyfriend named "Feather" whom I'd love to shoot. Then I left Ron at the hotel (I check in Friday) and took the L train back up to BoysTown where I slept well on my friend Michael's couch.

I snapped shots throughout the day but have yet to set things up so I can upload. Photos coming soon.


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