Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Looking Inside Myself

My trip to Chicago last month turned out to be as much an inward journey as a jaunt to another time zone for some overdue R&R.

I was returning for a third time to IML (why is it so many things in my life happen in threes?), an event that had altered somewhat my lifestyle and romantic well-being when I first attended it in 2003 (I could write a whole blog entry on the concept of vacationship, and maybe I will someday soon); I was still processing the death of my father and I was about to turn forty--a combination that can't help but focus one on issues of mortality, the future, and How Much Time Is Left--and what to do with it.

I also got the sense that this would be my last trip to IML.

Much of the trip was as enjoyable as it could be because of the fun company I kept--namely my roomies--Scott & Mike, good friends from Seattle, and my Gemini buddy Kevin, visiting from Florida. Scott & Mike are not only photo enthusiasts themselves, but also enthusiastic models in their own right, and we had fun shooting pics all weekend, especially at "The Bean," a giant chrome sculpture in Chicago's Millennium Park. They posed for the above photo. I also got to do some abstract studies of the thing (which I will post later), and almost got to do a nude shoot of J.R., an ebullient and sexy model who, unfortunately, I couldn't afford. (He's coming to Seattle later in the summer to do a couple of shoots.) Floridian Kevin grew up in Chicago, so he offered to take me on a walking/picture-taking tour of downtown on Sunday. Kevin's an adventurous and articulate guy, the perfect guide, and our amble around the city was one interesting geographic conversation. It was on this tour that I had a near-religious experience (if indeed agnostics can have such things).

I'll tell y'all about that in a separate post--with photos of course.


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