Sunday, June 25, 2006

What's Wrong With This Picture?

For the first time, the Seattle Pride Festival is being held this year at the old site of the 1962 Worlds Fair, home of the iconic Space Needle. I support this move, believing the pride celebration needs to grow outside its ghetto, like a root-bound plant, and flourish the community-at-large.

Normally special events get to fly a flag at the top of the Space Needle. Unfortunately (and to the surprise of many in the community) the Needle is privately owned, and the owners decided not to grant permission for a rainbow flag to be flown this weekend, claiming they didn't want to pander to EVERY group that asked to fly their freak (or otherwise) flag above the symbol of Seattle. Sure, they must get a lot of requests, but it's a bit strange they chose to make this decision when the queers asked. (After all, they didnt have a problem flying the Seahawks marketing cloth during Superbowl XV.)

Therefore I resolve that should someday I become Bill-Gates-filthy-rich, I'll buy the damned Space Needle and fly whatever flag I wished whenever I want. Private ownership indeed.


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