Monday, July 10, 2006

Fifty-One Percent Does Not Always Win

I did the two shoots yesterday, both went very well, though I have yet to go over the proofs. I got home last nite and started to install Windows on the brand new machine now that it has a drive installed for doing so. After hours of slow partitioning of the new hard drive and copying of system files, the installation hanged at 51%, telling me it could not install a file and asked if I wanted to skip it, though doing so might mean "Windows won't work properly." (Does it ever?) I retried the copying of the file, no go. So I skipped it. Next file--wouldn't copy, same question about skipping it. I skipped it. Next file--same situation. After skipping ten files in a row, I aborted the installation. I removed the CD to see if there was dirt or scratches on the disk. It looked sparkling clean.

I'll call the store when it opens this morning, ask if they want to give me another Windows CD or how else to proceed. This would mean, of course, finding another ride out to Renton, a pain in the ass.

Today, from work, I post the photo above from the archives.


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cute pic!

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