Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day

I'm heading to work around 8:30 this morning--yes I went in for a half-day of work on July 4--and as I am crossing 2nd avenue at Seneca, I notice in the space of sky between buildings a few small planes flying over Puget Sound.
I also noticed much farther away a small star-like object moving slowly left. It didn't look like a plane, and I was curious if it was a balloon. It appeared shiny, and pulsed as if it were rotating and reflecting the early morning sun. As I squinted to see if I could make out its shape, it stopped moving left and hovered in place, continuing its regular pulses of light. It appeared to be a tall, cylinder shape rotating on a slight diagonal axis, hence the pulsing reflection.
The only camera I had on me was my teeny Nikon CoolPix P2, so I whipped it out and set the zoom at its maximum/digital setting. Because of the extreme zoom, I had to use the corner of a nearby building as a reference point to find it in the cloudless sky. The shot above was the best I could get under the circumstances.

I stood and watched the object for a while, and after about 10 minutes it began moving right. My bus arrived shortly after, so I had to walk up the street to board it, losing sight of the object. When the bus reached an open area father down it's route, I was unable to find the object again.
I'm next to certain it was not a plane or helicopter. It could have been a balloon, though its movement would argue against that conclusion. Who knows?
So, should I report it?


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