Sunday, October 14, 2007

"What We've Done..." is Brilliant

Last night I ran--not walked--to see an old college chum, Lisa Dora Sanphillippo, to star in the title role of "What've We Done To Baby Jane," the innaugural production of her new production company.

Lisa is a whirlwind of energy, a master of comic timing and instinct rivalling Lucille Ball. She was born to play this role. Her costar, Imogen Love, was equally adept as long-suffering Blanche, and Kevin Mesher deftly played Everyone Else, including side-splitting turns as Edwin the simpering accompanist and a very buxom maid. The three actors put their own spins on the already-campy film material, for an original and entertaining evening. The audience often stood and stamped, already laughing so hard we needed new ways to telegraph our enthusiastic approval.

The show started with an ingenious puppetshow for the sisters' flashback. The action then made the most of minimal stage and lights, with characters uttering "slam" when exiting through nonexistent doors or dance-stepping "down" non-existent stairs. Perfect use of the venue.

From the back row I shot over 420 photos when I wasn't hooting, clapping, and guffawing. Thanks, again Lisa & Company, for a terrific evening.

The show runs through November 11 at Seattle's cooler-than-school ReBar, tickets are available here.


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